Family Units

Every Family is Different

By the age of nine or ten, children move from the Children’s Home to a Family Unit. Here, in a seperate area of the compound, a group of 9 girls or boys live in a specially built home together with a dedicated caretaker. At the moment there are eight identical family units clustered around an inner courtyard.

Children share rooms but each have their own cupboards, closets and storage space for their clothes, toys and books so they can learn how to be responsible for their own belongings. All family members are actively involved with household chores. Together with the auntie,everyone decides what the chore roster will be for the week or the month. Chores include sweeping and mopping the floors in the common areas, washing the windows, cleaning the bathroom, setting the table and doing the dishes. And on Saturday's, the children cook for each other. What kids enjoy most is being together and spending quality time as a family of brothers and sisters.