How you Can Help

Get involved and make a change

The work we do is made possible by many individuals, groups, companies and organization around the world. There are many ways for you to help us or join us on our mission. Should you chose to help, please note that volunteers, the founders, Piet and Pita, members of the Board and missionary’s do not receive a salary and are sponsored via other channels. This way you can be sure that your sponsorships and donations are 100% used for what they are intended.

Sponsor a Child

Provide a loving home Provide a loving home

Show your support by sponsoring one of the children in the home. We’ll keep you updated on their growth and progress, year by year. Raising a child is a multi-year effort so we hope you’d like to be involved in the lives of our children for a longer period of time.

  Sponsor Education

Give a brighter future Give a brighter future

Help us break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring the education of a child from the poorest families in the surrounding villages. You’ll be updated on their progress and we’ll send you their report card each year.

Kids' Shelter

Help Heal Provide a Shelter

Help us provide medical care, counseling and protection for children who have been abused, neglected or mistreated while wee work hand in hand with authorities to reunite them with their own relatives in a safe way.


Make an impact Make an impact

Donate to a specific cause like our Malnutrition Program, the Medical Clinic or make a general donation.


Lend a hand Lend a hand

Get involved by coming over! Throughout the year we’re supported by volunteers from around the world who come for at least three months to work on a specific task or project. Are you at least 25 years old a committed Christian and have completed your degree?