Sponsor A Child

Provide a loving home

With your help we can provide

A Loving Home

A Loving Home
A complete home environment with dedicated care day and night

Clothes and Supplies

Meals and necessities
Healthy meals, snacks, clothes and toys

A Loving Home

Nursery, Primary and Secondary education at New Horizon schools

A Loving Home

Medical Care
Covers all a childs preventative and curative needs

Children's Home Sponsorship Program

Thanks to our sponsorship program over 200 boys and girls who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused are able to call Noah's Ark their home. We will continue to care for them until we find their families, have graduated from school or are old enough to stand on their own two feet. We need your help to cover the costs of food, clothes, school fees, supplies and salaries for our local staff and upkeep of the buildings.

You can help give of one these children a home for as little as $40 per month

As a sponsor you’ll receive updates from your child throughout the year. Our children are always overjoyed when they receive a note, card or gift from ‘their’ sponsor.

You can be sure that your sponsorship support is fully used for what it is intended because missionaries, volunteers and the founders are sponsored via other channels or raise their own funds.

These children still need sponsorship


She was left behind on a doorstep with a bag of clothes when she was just four years old. As a child with special needs, she requires a little extra attention and care to ensure she can keep up with the other children of her own age. Vicky is a very happy, bubbly child and rewards everyone with a smile.

Sponsor Vicky


Ronald is a happy boy and quite serious at times. He enjoys playing with other boys and sometimes climbs a tree which he is not so supposed to do. Boys will be boys.

Sponsor Ronald


He was found blocking a sewer gutter in the slums of Kampala. People that lived near there had seen a woman who was clearly mentally confused together with the child. The woman cursed them and was seen running away without a child. The police could no longer locate the woman so the child was left alone. We gladly took him into our care. Zadock is now 4 and is a smart boy who loves to learn.

Sponsor Zadock