Kids' SHelter

Providing a safe shelter to children in need

What your help provides:

A Safe Haven

A temporary Shelter
A place fit for providing love and care

Meals and Necessities

Meals and Necessities
Healthy meals, clothing, and toys

Medical Attention

Medical Attention
All costs for medical attention the child might require to become and stay healthy

Resources for re-settlement

Resources for re-settlement
Resources for our social workers to enable them to safely reunite the children with their families

Each month we rescue dozens of children from dire circumstances. They’ve either been abandoned, abused or have other circumstantial emergencies. Our main goal is to try and locate family or extended family so they can be resettled and homed with a safe member of their family or extended family. When we can re-settle a child it gives us great joy because a child’s rightful place is with their own family.

Recently we’ve seen an increase in the amount of children we’ve been asked to help, which we do gladly do. And because we have many social workers helping re-home the children, we see many of them only staying with us only temporarily. Because of this we don’t include them in our ongoing sponsorship program. But caring for these children takes resources and effort as we cover the costs for food, clothing, toys and medical needs as many of these children are malnourished or have been abused. Our social workers sometimes spend over 5 full time days on each case and we also treat them if they’ve undergone a traumatic occurrence.

We’ve created a program specifically for these children and are calling it the Kids' Shelter program. By contributing to and supporting this program you’ll be ensuring these vulnerable children receive temporary care and the resources needed to reunite and re-settle them with their rightful families.

Will you help heal these children?

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Below you will find the stories of some of the children that were helped through our Kids' Shelter program. Names may be changed for privacy reasons.


January 2020 - The police called in our help in the case of a neglect boy of three years old. He was not well fed and had a broken arm that was not attended by a medical professional. Junior was handed over to us to give him proper care while our social workers track down family members that can provide a safe environment for him.


"I don't want to go back home" a three-year-old boy cried while standing at a police officer's desk. He was beaten and kicked until his leg fractured, just because he had wet the bed. He was brought to Noah’s Ark for medical treatment and protection as the police investigate.

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When Eddie's stepmother left for work she tied him to a big piece of wood so he could not leave. When police found Eddie he was wounded and malnourished. Eddie spent six months t Noah's Ark recovering and growing healthy. Eddie now lives with his grandmother who had contacted us after she became aware of her grandsons's situation.


Reports of a tortured and abused boy came to the police. Upon investigations the boy was found with scars and scratches all over his body. His father was arrested. Dalton was treated at our clinic and after a few days we were able to reunite him with other relatives where he will find a safe home.