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Noah's Ark Children's Ministry Uganda

From Nobody to Somebody

Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry Uganda is a Christian organisation dedicated to supporting vulnerable children, youth, and adults in Uganda. We offer temporary shelter and long-term care, educational programmes, affordable medical care, and more. As a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), we rely on donations for every aspect of our work.

What We Do

Child Care
Een vrolijke jongen

We provide temporary shelter and permanent care to children that are in a desperate situation and have no where else to go.

Een meisje op school

Hundreds of children from underprivilleged families can attend school because of sponsors from all over the world

Medical Care
Een baby in de kliniek

We offer affordable, high quality health services with a special emphasis on maternal health and malnutrition.

How you can help

Een vrolijk schoolmeisje

Sponsor a child

Make a different in the life of a child in need of care, shelter and education. Becoming a sponsor starts a journey of watching your sponsored child grow and prepare for the future.

Een meisje gedragen door een vrouw

Make a donation

Support one of our causes and help make a difference in the lives of many children, youth and adults.

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