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Proper education prevents malnutrition in children, and when necessary, the right treatment saves lives.

Prevention is better than cure

Malnutrition is often a consequence of poverty, but ignorance and an unvaried diet also play a significant role. That's why we venture into the wider community to provide education in villages, schools, and other communities. There iss a widespread belief that there is no treatment possible for malnutrition, which is why we often rely on former patients and their parents to share their stories.

The right treatment

If prevention is no longer possible, then we initiate a treatment using therapeutic peanut paste or powdered milk along with guidance for parents or caregivers. They visit us for regular check-ups a few times a month. If a child is severely malnourished and requires more intensive care, we admit them to our malnutrition center. This way, we closely monitor progress and provide additional training to parents or caregivers.

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