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Quality education for a brighter future from children from underprivileged families

New Horizon

We provide education at our own school. New Horizon consists of a Nursery School (kindergarten), Primary School (elementary), and a Secondary  Vocational School (high school with practical subjects). We follow the Ugandan curriculum with additional focus on Biblical lessons, practical skills, and sports and games. We prioritize the growth of our students as a whole, not only on their grades.

Unique form of education

At our Nursery School, the emphasis is on learning and discovering through play. We pay close attention to the emotional and physical development of each child.

Our Primary School is entirely conducted in English. We do not teach letters but sounds, using the Jolly Phonics method. This greatly aids in developing reading and writing skills.


In addition to subjects like history, biology, and Swahili, all our students also engage in practical subjects such as woodworking, vehicle maintenance, hairstyling, catering, and plumbing. This way, they leave our school with academic and a vocational diploma.

Hundreds of thousands of children in Uganda cannot attend school.

With your help we can offer children from underprivilleged familes education at our schools.



Let Ivan tell you about our Primary School and how it was made possible for him to receive education.


Brenda started at our Nursery School and after successfully completing Secondary Vocational School now works at a hair saloon.

Planting trees

One of the opportunities for our students to learn more is how to plant trees and manage a business.

Heading 3

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