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 About Us 

Noah's Ark is a non-denominational Christian organization that focuses vulnerable children and adults in Uganda by providing care and shelter, education, health crare and more. We believe everyone is worth fighting for.

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Since 1999

Our History

Noah's Ark strted in 1999 in the rental house of founders Peter (Piet) and Pita Buitendijk. Since 2006 the organization is located on a large compound on the outskirts of Mukono. Today it houses a children's home, family units, medical clinic, schools and more.

Peter and Pita Buitendijk


Peter (Piet) and Pita Buitendijk are 'papa and mama' to our children. The couple has been working as missionaries in Uganda since 1996 and founded Noah's Ark in 1999. After many years of living in the midst of all activity they now live about an hour's drive away in Kalagala. There they started new projects including a coffee business  to create job opportunities for youth.

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